Michelin commended on Hong Kong and Macau street food

HONG KONG — The oldest European hotel and restaurant reference guide, which awards stars for excellence to a select few establishments, the Michelin Guide is now featuring street food in the latest edition for Hong Kong and Macau.

There were no Michelin stars awarded for the 2016 edition of Michelin’s Hong Kong and Macau hospitality guide, but the listings highlight the value of the economical fare in the local context, the International Director for the Michelin Guide, Michael Ellis, said on Friday.

Street food is very much a part of the Hong Kong culinary scene. Hong Kong has fantastic gastronomy everywhere but Hong Kong is a city that never stops; it never sleeps. People are out and about all the time and street food has always been a very big part of Hong Kong culture

said Michael Ellis.


23 eateries in Hong Kong and 12 in nearby Macau made it to the new category, which ranges from fried pork fat noodles to baked potatoes and Indonesian fried rice. Will this change help mollify critics of the controversial ratings system?

Three-star establishments in Hong Kong include a contemporary French restaurant run by celebrity chef Joel Robuchon, and new guide entrant T’ang Court, which specializes in Cantonese cuisine.

Ellis enthused,

“Every minute spent at T’ang Court plunges you into the golden age of Chinese history, making for a unique experience that is well worth the journey.”


Despite the proliferation of peer-to-peer review guides and sites, Ellis said Michelin is confident that there is still demand for an independent guide that is the “gold standard” and “north star” for the industry.

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