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Here’s a ton of media packages that
spell out your success:

create your company profile with klipp tv

Company Profile

In this highly competitive world, a well-crafted company profile is your “cutting edge”. Create your profile with us and enjoy these perks:

  • Boost your company’s credibility.
  • Establish your unique brand.
  • Present your company in the most creative way.

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Commercials and Promotional Videos

Commercials and promotional videos are excellent tools to flaunt your product and company out in the market. Such publicities can help you:

  • Turn social media sites to your advantage with viral commercials.
  • Widen your reach through commercials published on mainstream media outfits
  • Be at par with big corporations that use commercials as a marketing tool.

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create product presentation and promotion with klipp tv
testimonial and communication with klipp tv

Testimonials and Internal Communications

“Positive statements” from those who’ve tried your company or product can influence both your target market and your own creative team. The power of persuasive ads can:

  • Add a human touch to your marketing strategies.
  • Develop a cohesive workforce through engaging internal communications.
  • Prove the effectiveness of your product and the strength of your company through real-life examples.

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Event Coverage

Event coverages allow you to record your “own history”. Aside from a mere recording of your activities, event coverages will help you:

  • Create an impressive and out-of-the-box portfolio.
  • Provide clear assessment points for your previous events.
  • Promote similar happenings in the future.

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event coverage with klipp tv
green screen video with klipp tv

Visual Effects through Green Screen Technology (Chroma Key)

You can have a virtual world through chroma key, also known as “green screen”. With this innovation in film-making, you can:

  • Solve financial and logistical issues without sacrificing your publicity.
  • Break through the limits of traditional films and be as creative as you can.
  • Be at par with major media outfits that use green screen technology in their productions.

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Digital Art and Animation

Short of talents? You can have a perfect promotional video through animation. Without warm bodies acting on cam, you can still:

  • Publish a highly entertaining promotional material.
  • Make your advertisements ultra-versatile.
  • Be creative without sacrificing your company image.

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create your company profile with klipp tv
create your company profile with klipp tv

Photography and Creative Alternatives

Impress your audience with your remarkable photographs. You can also have posters, flyers, pamphlets, and all sorts of print media through our services. These ads are time-tested and can help you:

  • Explore traditional publicity techniques and blend them with the latest trends in advertising.
  • Reach out to the market section that is still subscribing to print media.
  • Entice more followers and patrons through high-quality images with relevant texts.

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Interviews and Script Writing

Weave your own story through expertly crafted scripts and engaging interviews. It goes without saying that scripts and interviews can:

  • Provide a framework for your major publicity campaigns.
  • Compete with big companies that use documentary-style videos.
  • Personally present your own company and products on cam.

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create your company profile with klipp tv
create your company profile with klipp tv

Creative Visualization (Story and Mood Boarding)

Not a fan of great walls of text? You can still create perfect story frameworks through story and mood boards. This creative story visualization will allow you to:

  • Beef up the whole pre-production process of your promotional video.
  • Have a quicker production process.
  • Incorporate unique themes in your promotional materials.

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