PH-based German Engineer Wins Best Int’l Expert Award

CLARK, PAMPANGA -– Another prestigious award has been given to international business expert, Dr. Andreas “Andi” Klippe, as he contends with various speakers on the renowned International Speaker Slam (ISS) competition in Frankfurt, Germany.

Photo: A glimpse of Dr. Andreas Klippe with other speakers competing for the International Speaker Slam in Frankfurt, Germany.

Over 148 speakers from 19 different nations, speaking 6 different languages, have competed with each other – all of which Dr. Klippe managed to defeat and paved the way to winning the Excellence Award as Best International Expert.

In his 4-minute winning speech, Dr. Klippe described his “Journey to Asia” and how “the hand test” and “the beer test” have helped him in starting a flood protection company in Asia in 2007.

“Let’s go to Asia. Asia is the world’s fastest-growing market.”

He also shared his enthusiasm to inspire other businesses to follow his methods as an international business expert and promote Asia and the Philippines.

Photo: One of Germany’s best-selling authors, Herman Scherrer, handed Dr. Andreas Klippe the Excellence Award for Best International Expert during the International Speaker Slam competition.

This way, Dr. Klippe persuaded the members of the jury which is comprised of a top manager from Lufthansa, a representative from a leading German publisher: Campus-Verlaf and the remaining three are media professionals from the region.

The competition was held in the studio of Herman Scherer – one of Germany’s best-selling authors.

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