Homeowner Discovers Innovative Solution for Intermittent Flooding

QUEZON CITY – In a tropical country such as the Philippines, the rainy season always poses the danger of turning calm waters into raging floods.

The yearly onslaught of typhoons deeply troubles the Filipino community as it knows how disaster-prone the country is. For municipalities in low lying areas, the trouble is greater as the risk for detrimental flooding is even higher.

In an executive village in Quezon City, a government project required the removal of a riprap that would supposedly hold any possible overflow of the Marikina River. As homeowners who live just within the vicinity of the river, Mrs. Beth Alacar and her husband, Mr. Ferdinand Alacar were growing tired of feeling weary whenever the typhoon season approaches.

An Innovative Flood Protection System

Soon enough, the Alacars realized that the use of traditional means such as sandbags as a flood protection method requires too much time and effort to put up, and they wouldn’t have such luxury by the time a disaster such as flooding suddenly comes knocking on their door.

Mrs. Alacar’s search for a better flood protection system led her to Flood Control Asia’s (FCA) RS Demountable Barriers. While there were certainly others on the market which offered the same flood barriers, in the end, the couple opted for FCA.

According to the missus, her husband’s visit to the company’s site was a huge determining factor in their dilemma over which flood protection system to invest in.

“We felt that it’s very credible because it’s German technology, so we might as well go for this one… For me I feel assured, come flooding time, the barriers will hold up”

In this video, Mrs. Alacar further narrates how the RS Demountable Barriers helped alleviate their worries in protecting their hard-earned investments, and ultimately, their lives.

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