SIM Card Registration Law Takes Effect in the Philippines

In an effort to curb spam texts and calls, the Philippines has passed Republic Act No. 11934, also known as the SIM Card Registration Act, requiring all SIM card holders to register their personal information with telecommunications companies. The law, which takes effect on December 27, 2022, aims to help authorities trace and hold accountable those who send unwanted and often fraudulent messages.

Under the new law, all SIM card holders must provide their full name, address, and identification number to their telecommunications provider. The registration process is simple and can be done online or at a physical retail location.

Telecommunications companies are required to verify the information provided by SIM card holders and ensure that it matches government-issued identification. The companies will also be responsible for maintaining a database of registered SIM cards and making it available to authorities upon request.

The Philippine government believes that the SIM card registration law will significantly reduce the amount of spam texts and calls received by individuals and businesses. It will also make it easier for authorities to track and prosecute those who engage in illegal activities using anonymous SIM cards.

While the law has been met with some criticism, with some arguing that it infringes on privacy, the government maintains that the benefits of the law far outweigh any potential drawbacks. In a statement, the government said, “The SIM card registration law is a necessary measure to protect the public from the harm caused by spam texts and calls. It is a small price to pay for the peace of mind and security it provides.”

Telecommunications companies are encouraged to educate their customers about the SIM card registration process and to make it as convenient as possible. Customers who do not comply with the law may have their SIM cards deactivated. All new SIM cards shall be deactivated by December 27, 2022.

The SIM card registration law is a major step forward in the fight against spam texts and calls in the Philippines. It will not only protect individuals and businesses from fraudulent and annoying messages, but also help authorities track and prosecute those who engage in illegal activities using anonymous SIM cards.

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