Chinese New Year — Filipino Style

Kung Hei Fat Choi! It is that time of the year in the Chinese calendar when the Chinese population all over the world celebrate the coming of a new year with pomp and joy. The Filipino Chinese New year is quite a sight for the eyes with all the colors and the fun that the occasion has to offer.

Celebrated around the month of January or February, the Chinese New year in Philippines is a treat for anybody visiting the place at the time. So, how exactly is the Chinese New Year celebrated in the Filipino culture?

Chinese New Year is not an official holiday in the Philippines so all establishments remain open. However most shops and hotels are decorated for the occation. Widus Hotel and Casino General Manager Jonathan Nowell said

A lot of businesses this time of year will celebrate the Chinese New Year with the traditional Lion and Dragon Dance to bring prosperity for the comming year.

The homes are decorated with beautiful paper lanterns and red scrolls with Chinese inscriptions on them. The Chinese firmly believe that they should not owe any body anything at the beginning of the year and so, they clear off all debts on the occasion. They also plant a lot of fresh blooming plants for the occasion, symbolising the spirit of the New Year- renewal of life and vigour.

The Chinese New Year is quite an occasion in the Philippines and if you plan to visit the country on this occasion, it would be best if you can arrange for prior accommodation. The availability of a number of hotels and lodges make it easier for a tourist to accommodate themselves.

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