German Club Manila offers sneak peek of 79th Oktoberfest

SOFITEL PHILIPPINE PLAZA MANILA– Organizers of the 79th Oktoberfest in Manila gave a taste of what’s to come in the annual German beer fest that will present authentic German culture and revelry next month.

During the press conference on Tuesday, September 5, 2017, the German Club Manila treated guests to mock-up of Oktoberfest Manila 2017.

According to the Chairman of the Oktoberfest Committee, Michael Scheile, although the fundamentals of the event were the same from the previous ones, the 79th Oktoberfest will surely not be disappointing when it comes to surprises.

“There will be a few things which we don’t want to disclose of course, so the people will be surprised.” said Scheile.

girls dancing for octoberfest

Scheile, on behalf of the German Club Manila also said that they are thrilled to celebrate German culture and traditions here in the Philippines. He said that there are many similarities between the Filipino and the German culture, which is why the highly anticipated beer fest is a brilliant way to strengthen the Filipino-German ties.

“[Oktoberfest] is one of the oldest festivals of it’s kind actually, so we are quite happy that we do it here [in Manila] for the 79th time.” said Scheile.

Sofitel’s Lavish Touch

Paying homage to time-honored bavarian customs, Sofitel has dedicated it’s refined luxury and services in making the annual beer festivity a night to remember. Now on it’s 8th year of partnership with the German Club Manila, the most authentic German beer festival will be held at the luxury hotel’s expansive Harbor Garden tent, with its marquee transformed into a traditional biertgärten for the most bona fide staging of the event.

group of people with a barrels

“Sofitel is all about refined luxury, so of course we make it as authentic as we can to the German event. But here obviously we’re doing it in the style and the grandeur of Sofitel as well. So you have the location, right by the bay, you can’t beat that.” said Adam Laker, General Manager of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

The Champion of Culture

An evening of gastronomic indulgence and live musical entertainment, Oktoberfest is a robust social gathering and a representation of rich bavarian culture. Aside from men and women sporting German traditional wear, the former clad in lederhosen and the latter donned in fun and colorful dirndls, expect also copious amounts of beer and Bavarian delights.

woman and breads in the table

From sumptuous roasted pork knuckles, grilled german sausages and laugen rolls to mouthwatering pastries and electrifying musical entertainment, all of that and many more are in store for this year’s Bavarian extravaganza.

Mark your calendars, as the 79th German Club Oktoberfest will be held on the 6th and 7th of October 2017 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

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