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Flood Control Asia lectures about doing business in the PH with ease

QUEZON CITY – The National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP) invited Flood Control Asia RS Corporation’s (FCA) president and CEO Dr. Andreas Klippe to be a guest lecturer for the university’s National Security Administration 205 Economics and Security module.

The course is part of the institution’s Master in National Security Administration (MNSA) program, a one year full-time government-funded graduate program consisting of 39 units.

Dr. Klippe’s presentation centered on ways and suggestions on how to improve the ease of doing business in the country. According to NDCP’s president, Admiral Roberto Estioko, the Economics and Security module aims to broaden and deepen the students’ understanding on economic theories, principles, and issues both locally and internationally.

Flood Control Asia President and CEO, Dr. Andreas Klippe interacting with the students during the lecture’s question and answer portion.
Flood Control Asia President and CEO, Dr. Andreas Klippe interacting with the students during the lecture’s question and answer portion.

Klippe presented the problems that hamper economic progress such as disasters, traffic, and government administration, and cited political stability, improvement in the education system and skills development as solutions.

Aside from imparting knowledge on doing business in the Philippines, Klippe also shared his company’s expertise in flood control management which is a key issue in the country given that the Philippines is frequented with natural disasters, especially typhoons that lead to detrimental flooding.

The MNSA program caters to qualified high ranking military officers, civilian government officials and private sector leaders. Aside from the future generals of the Philippines, military officers from Bangladesh, China, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka are also included in the program.

“Stability, Stability, Stability”

  • – Andreas Klippe

Klippe also addressed the issue on skilled people and its importance to the development of a company and a country. He said that the education level in the Philippines is not very strong, but is stronger than other countries. So since the Philippines competes with other nations within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), it is therefore important to “create” skilled people. And the government’s support in education is equally important. When it comes to labor and employment, he added that as long as the employees are not staying in a company and do not want to be educated, it is hard for an employer to improve the situation. The result will be lower output, lower results, and lower growth and development in the Philippines.

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