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ECCP to put up a Central Luzon chapter in Clark

ANGELES CITY – Flood Control Asia RS Corporation’s (FCA) president and CEO, Dr. Andreas Klippe together with the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine’s (ECCP) executive director Florian Gottein spearheaded the founding event of the ECCP Central Luzon Chapter at the Clarkton Hotel on Friday, March 22, 2019.

The event was attended by executives from Dr. Klippe Philippines Corp., Royal Cargo Inc., Lufthansa Technik Philippines Inc., the Clarkton Hotel and Meister Solar Technology.

Top level executives joined and participated in the 1st ECCP Central Luzon meeting.
Top level executives joined and participated in the 1st ECCP Central Luzon meeting.

With all the development going on at Clark Freeport Zone and its neighboring provinces in Central Luzon such as Subic, Bataan and Tarlac, the administrative region is foreseen as the country’s next premiere destination hub for business, tourism, and economic growth.

The growing community of European investors in the region prompted ECCP to expand its network by putting up a chapter that would have its own office in Clark to make it easier for incoming members to access the chamber.

Being a member of the ECCP, Flood Control Asia RS’ president and CEO Dr. Andreas Klippe, highlighted the advantage of joining the chamber and how it positively affected his business. Klippe said,

“I tried many other associations in my life already. We are a member of several chambers and business associations but none of them, none, was ever giving such a support and opens possibilities as the ECCP is doing.”

The European chamber already announced back in January of this year that the new office in Clark for the Central Luzon chapter will open by the end of the second quarter of 2019. ECCP’s executive director Florian Gottein said that the founding event is the first step in setting up the new chapter.

As a closing statement, Gottein reiterated the good that would come out by becoming a member of the chamber,

“I think it will also be a win on your part at the end of the day because based on the experiences (with other ECCP chapters) in Manila, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu and Davao, we can really help drive change in this country by helping you individually with your (business) issues and problems.”

Further activities and plans for the creation of this new ECCP chapter is on the way as the concerned parties already set up a second gathering that will happen on the first week of May this year.

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