Duterte’s Trust Rating Still Increasing!

Despite all the side by side controversies that the Duterte administration has with dealing with since after his proclamation, still President Duterte has an undeniable increasing trust rate in his fellow Filipinos. On a survey initiated by news5, the president’s trust rating skyrocketed up to 97%. This only indicates the majority of the Filipinos included in the said survey population expressed that they still trust the president and they are in favour of his decisions.


The said survey was answered by 4,000 filipino people, and they were asked to evaluate and assess the performance of the president. Raffy Tulfo and Nina Taduran who were the anchors of news5 were the one who led the survey. Tulfo said on a statement that

“even the ones who did not vote for President Digong on the last 2016 elections, also expressed their support for the president.”

He said that it is maybe because there is an evident and visible results when it comes to Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs.


The survey was conducted via SMS, and according to Tulfo , the people who participated the survey really exerted money and effort just to join the survey. Prior to this survey, Pulse Asia and Rappler also had one, and they came up 91% trust ratings on their surveys.

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