Duterte Satisfaction Rate

Du30’s satisfaction rating dipped a bit on 2018’s first quarter

Filipinos still tagged Duterte’s administration as “very good”, though some have become dissatisfied with the administration during the first quarter of 2018.

The Social Weather Stations survey for the first quarter of 2018 showed that only 69% of adult Filipinos are satisfied with President Rodrigo Duterte’s leadership. The rest of the Filipinos are either dissatisfied (11%) or unsure of their opinions (18%).

Though these data resulted to a +58 “very good” satisfaction rating, it was a bit lower than December 2017’s record of +70.

SWS said Mindanao gave Duterte an excellent rating (+72), while a +50 net satisfaction was yielded from Balance Luzon.

Rebuilding Marawi, Foreign Ties, and Rising Prices of Commodities

Duterte’s net satisfaction ratings also suffered a decline in three issues.

In September 2017, Filipinos gave Duterte an excellent rating of +70 for rehabilitating the battle-torn Marawi City. It can be recalled that the fighting in Marawi ended in October 2017, when Duterte himself declared that victory against extremist forces have been attained.

Five months after the liberation of Marawi, Filipinos gave Duterte a +63 on his thrust of rebuilding Marawi City; clearly, a dip from his previous year’s ratings.

In the midst of the Philippines’ diplomatic tension with Kuwait, Filipinos gave Duterte a +36 net satisfaction rating, which is significantly lower than the +55 he got in December 2017. SWS said “this is the lowest in two years, since the good +36 in April 2016.

As for the issue of rising inflation, Filipinos a “neutral” +6. Prices of commodities surged after Duterte’s pet taxation program, the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) was enforced.
In spite of these dips in his satisfaction rating, Duterte remained commendable for various issues such as eradicating corruption, ensuring an efficient public transportation system, reconciling with Muslim rebels, and many more.

Escaping from and Falling into Poverty

Duterte’s recent satisfaction rating came when 30% of Filipino families was said to have escaped poverty.

The said data were part of the SWS 2018 first quarter survey that studied the Filipino families’ transition in or out of poverty.

While one out of three Filipino families escaped poverty, the same survey showed that one out of eight, or 12%, fell into poverty.

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