Flooding in China

Yangtze River Floods Southern China

Widespread flooding has submerged major agricultural and commercial centers in Southern China. Seasonal rains have been more intense this year causing the Yangtze, Asia’s longest river, to overflow. Chinese authorities have raised the highest possible flood warnings.

In the Jiangxi Province all abled bodies 18 to 60 have been called to help in disaster response. The province is an agricultural center and home to the largest freshwater lake in China, Poyang. Water levels rose 22.65 metres breaching the dikes and flooding surrounding settlements.

Flooding in China
This swimmer from Wuhan is afraid that the city may soon be underwater.

The megacity of Chongqing had floods up to 5.1 meters. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported. Meanwhile, Wuhan, commercial capital of the Hubei Province and ground zero of the COVID pandemic is also flooded. The Yangtze and Hubei rivers both run through the city.

Flooding in China
Sandbags again are prevalent in anticipation of flooding.

Volunteers and the Chinese army have both been struggling to keep up with the floods. Sandbags have been deployed in high risk areas and important public areas. Stacks were reported to have been as high as a person or higher.

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