Mitigation and Resilience Office

Clark Establishes Crisis Mitigation and Resilience Office

The Clark Development Corporation (CDC) formally announced the establishment of its Crisis Mitigation and Resilience Office (CMRO) in the Freeport Zone. The CRMO aims to be prepared and ready to respond to any crisis situation to keep safe not only its employees but its investors and locators as well.

CMRO operations started late-August 2019 and was unveiled to locators a month after, and to the public this October. The CMRO, with Executive Director Melanie Briones at the helm, is expected to increase the CDC and Clark’s self-sufficiency through immediate crisis response.

The CMRO aligns itself with the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council’s (NDRRMC) objectives of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Disaster Response, Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Rehabilitation & Recovery, and Crisis Mitigation. It will also serve as an information and communications center for the business community during calamities.

The CRMO was created “in pursuit of a safer, adaptive, and disaster-resilient Clark Community which is geared towards sustainable development”, said CDC officials. Together with the CDC Public Safety Division, the CMRO will lead response efforts in the event of a disaster situation. As of July 2019, the Clark Freeport Zone houses 1,092 locators and a total employee count of 128,268 people.

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