How Aluminum Barriers Flood-proofed Doha Education City!

Qatar Foundation received Flood Protection from German company Flood Control Asia RS Corporation 

In October 2018, after a long time of dry and subtropical desert climate, with a very little downpour, it finally rained in Qatar. However, this was not good news at all for after an unusually heavy rain, this usually arid country was submerged in floodwaters. 

Many houses, businesses, buildings, and properties were affected. One of the properties that suffered the damages brought by the flood was Doha Education City — the pet project of Sheikha Moza bint Nasser. 

Sitting on 250 acres of land, Doha Education City was launched in 1997 by the Qatar Foundation, the Qatari royal family’s non-profit organization currently chaired by Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, mother of the current Emir of Qatar. Since its inception, it has been envisioned to be a cultural and educational hub of the Arab world. 

Northwestern University underground parking flooded

Unfortunately, the floodwaters were not even awe-struck at the grand of this place. During the 2018 flooding, many buildings in the “City” were greatly damaged. The damages caused by the flooding include structural damages, electrical damage, cut-off communications, and a lot more.

To save Doha Education City, the Qatar Foundation was asked to find the best flood control solution to protect the buildings of Sheikha Moza’s flagship initiative.

Flood Control Asia Engineers flood-protected Seeroo Fi Al-Ardh Carousel using IneroTM Mobile Flood Barriers. 

After much consideration, Flood Control Asia RS Corporation was contracted by Qatari company QAFAM to provide, fit, and install RS Demountable Flood Barriers and RS Inero™ Mobile Flood Barriers in Doha Education City’s flood-prone areas. After months of planning, communication, and coordination, the team of RS Flood Experts flew to Qatar and started this flood-protection project that will completely secure the property. 

Flood Control Asia Engineers install RS Demountable Barriers in QNCC car park.

Eleven buildings in Doha Education City were installed with flood control solutions. With flood-protection, the extraordinary vision of bringing elite education and academic freedom can continue inside the city — free from flood and the damages it brings.   

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