Trojan Santiago

February 14, 2017

5 Saving Tips for Broke Couples on Valentine’s Day

Ahhh, Valentine’s is just around the corner, and while the love bug is in the air and as cupid trades his bow and arrows for a double barrel shotgun aiming at your chest- I sure do know that a lot of you are anxious about the overwhelming presence of February 14 in the calendar.

Just like the holidays, Valentine’s day is just as frantic to everyone else especially to those who are in a relationship. So if you’re broke and severely suffering from “no plans syndrome” this V-day, here are some tips for a more affordable V-day Celebration for all the couples out there.

1.Go the old fashioned way

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While writing cheeky letters, roses and chocolates seem to be a cliche for you, there’s no harm if you revel in some old Valentine’s day tradition.

The typical rose and sweets will never go passé.

Bring out your stationeries, make your own card! Components like card, glitter and glue and other materials are cheap to buy.

You can make the card extra-personal by customizing it yourself.

2. Satisfy your love handles

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We all have dreamt of a candle lit dinner in a fancy restaurant while a violinist is playing in the background. Anyone will sure swoon for that! But an expensive three course meal is no good if you’re broke.

So instead of going out, prepare a home cooked meal while in your lingerie. That will add spice to it, don’t you think? Have his favorite dish up on the menu.

Aphrodisiacs like bananas, chocolates, oysters, and avocados are affordable and easy to prepare. Satisfied love handles from in and out of… the kitchen of course.

3. Have your cinema at home

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There are a lot of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects for Valentines out there. You just have to be resourceful! The “netflix and chill” type of rendezvous will never go out of date.

Create your own perfect Valentines den. Hover a white sheet on your room’s ceiling, bring out your Christmas lights and light them up too. Watch your favorite movie, stuff your bed with pillows and keep it warm and cozy! Do all these and you’re up for some warm snuggling and cuddling… and the rest is history. *wink, wink.

4. Setting Fire

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If you’re not up for the cinema at home and you’re feeling like playing with a little bit of fire. Well, you can set a bonfire in your backyard or so.

Pull out those folding chairs and set woods ablaze. Put hotdogs on a stick or you can just make s’mores while stargazing. Have a bottle of beer or two, wine maybe, if you’re feeling fancy, and voila! You are now sure fire in the mood to keep the action going.

You know… go back inside the house afterwards and start making fire that’s only appropriate behind closed doors.

5. Games, Games, Games

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Nope, I am not talking about toying with each other’s emotions, if you’re in a mature relationship you should know that you’re way over that!

What I am trying to say is, you can spice things up by just simply playing board and card games.

How about strip poker? Or making out monopoly? I bet that will sure set the mood for the two of you. Even more so, if you’re competitive side starts to surface, you are in for a lot of action!

Just don’t forget to lock the doors, okay?

Still feeling the pressure this V-day?

Do not fret about wanting to have grandiose plans on Valentine’s day. Keep in mind that a loving thought and a fun small gesture is just as welcome as a grand gesture. Besides all you need is love, love, love. Don’t we all?