The Sweet History of Candy Canes

Sweet, sugary candy, oozing with minty flavour as cracked by our teeth achieving the crunchiness of this white and red stripes of surprise, these may only be some of the many mouth watering adjectives that can describe the traditional Christmas Candy Canes.

Children and even those young at hearts are so in love with these sweet treats that have been one of the symbolisms of Christmas day. We all never forget to hang the crooked-edge candies on our Christmas trees and always add these candies on our treats.

But do we know the history of the much enjoyed sweets during Christmas? Do we know how and where the candy canes had been invented? I guess some of us think it’s Willy Wonka from the chocolate factory, but we are wrong! Watch this video and know more about this addictive Christmas treats, and know more about “The Sweet History of Candy Canes.”

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