Flood Control Asia RS Received Shipment Amid CoVid-19

While flooding has undeniably become a fact of life — it is still very unpredictable. That’s why these days, preparation should be our ultimate goal to avoid any unwanted and unfortunate loss.

To help others be prepared for the flooding season, Flood Control Asia RS welcomed another shipment of the German-quality flood protection systems last September 2, 2020. The cargo arrived at 9:45 in the morning at the Flood Control Asia RS Facility in Berthaphil 1, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga.

Amid CoVid-19, Head of Business Development Alvin Baking led the Flood Control Asia RS team in the unloading of cargo.

The shipment contained the renowned flood barriers and parts and components of the German-technology Flood Protection System. This will bring modern flood solutions to commercial, industrial, government facilities, as well as residential areas.

Flood Control Asia RS issued Personal Protective Equipment to its engineering and fabrication teams to ensure their personnel safety along with the disinfection of the materials as they were unloaded.

Despite afternoon rains, nothing stopped the RS team from completing the unloading of the delivery.

None of the RS Engineers were troubled by the rain. They were able to unload and bring the materials safely inside the RS Facility without encountering any problem.

The most important thing for the engineers was ensuring that all items are in their pristine excellent condition.

Protecting your properties and loved ones are Flood Control Asia RS’s mission. Bringing German-quality Flood Protection System all over the world.

“Here in RS, we really look into the quality of our components, because we serve so many countries. One component here can be installed in the Middle East, and the one next of it could end up in Malaysia. One thing is for sure, each of them will be in excellent condition” said RS Junior Engineer Adrian Jansen Calabia.

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