“People will never forget such an evening” — German Club gears up for Oktoberfest ‘17

MAKATI, METRO MANILA – “Beer chuggers” should mark their calendars now as Oktoberfest 2017 draws nearer.

In a private gathering held on August 11, 2017, German Club President Bernd Schneider signed a contract with Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila General Manager Adam Laker for the conduct of Oktoberfest 2017. The German Club Manila has been celebrating Oktoberfest for 79 years, and Sofitel Hotels and Resorts has been sponsoring the said festivity for nine consecutive years.

The German Club Manila officially announced that Oktoberfest will be held on October 6 and 7.

“The people will never forget such an evening,” said Michael Scheile, German Club Manila’s director for the annual Oktoberfest.

“There are no surprises, said Schneider, who clarified that while Oktoberfest will feature locally-crafted beer like San Miguel, the festivities will strictly follow the German tradition. “It is a traditional event with great band, great music. Oktoberfest goes back to over 200 years of history.”

Among the traditional features of Oktoberfest 2017 are various Bavarian delicacies that will be prepared by Sofitel Hotels and Resorts.

Since German Club Manila is expecting more than 5,000 guests this year, it encourage the public to make early reservations.

“It has been established as one of the major events in Manila and our regular guests are keen to book early,” Schneider said.

As for Sofitel Hotels and Resorts, its Conference and Events Director Cynthia Esteban described the experience of hosting Oktoberfest.

“We have been part of the tradition (but) every year is a new surprise, every year is a new challenge,” said Esteban.

However, the details of Oktoberfest 2017 will not be fully disclosed to the public until September 5, when Sofitel will hold an official press conference to announce the event.

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