Lubao’s balloon festival takes spectators ‘above and beyond’

PRADERA VERDE, LUBAO – Hot air balloons of all shapes and sizes painted the skies as the Lubao International Balloon and Music Festival commenced successfully on April 5, 2019, at Pradera Verde in Pampanga. This year’s festivity is the town’s most successful three-day event to date drawing a crowd of 50,000 during the last day alone.

The event was filled with plenty of fun activities such as kite flying, aerial shows like the paragliding, paramotor exhibition and ultralight, magic shows, off-road, motocross, rallycross, and Zoocobia. 

Tourists and locals get to enjoy different activities during the three-day festivity.Lubao’s annual flagship program featured 31 balloons from different participating countries.

“Hugot” Music Festival

The festival was made even more exciting with evening performances from some of today’s hottest and biggest acts.

I Belong to the Zoo ignited the “hugot” filled night with his songs “Sana” and “Balang Araw” followed by Juan Karlos Labajo and his old school sound Pinoy rock hit song “Buwan”. Indie folk-pop band Ben&Ben serenaded the crowd with the performance of their critically acclaimed single “Kathang Isip”.

Friday’s music fest ended with an honest and raw performance from breakout alternative indie rock band December Avenue who swiftly rose to fame last year with one hit single after the other and dominated music charts all over the country. Their famous “sea of lights” gig tradition flooded the night beautifully like stars as the crowd sang “Sa Ngalan ng Pag-ibig” together with the band.

Saturday’s music festival gathered hip hop and rap fans as Shanti Dope, Gloc 9 and international star Apl de Ap who proudly hails from the province of Pampanga made the crowd dance and sing with their chart-topping singles.

Aside from the activities that the tourists and locals enjoyed, numerous food stalls lined up on the perimeter of the event area for hungry guests who want to satisfy their tummies while taking a tour around.

Feels, Fun, Feast!

During the last day, the crowd number doubled and according to the event hosts, this year’s fest has definitely gathered the most number of spectators as compared to the previous years making it the most successful one to date.

‘This Band’, who believes that ‘every emotion is equivalent to a song’, once again ignited all the feels through their emotional and lively performance of their best records.

So much hype and energy erupted from the audience as the “Unkabogable” Vice Ganda tickled the crowd with his wit and humor, followed by a solemn serenade from Moira Dela Torre. The festive night ended with a solid and energetic performance from Bamboo and an astonishing show of fireworks display.

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