San Fernando Pampanga Sparkles in the 108th Giant Lantern Festival

10 barangays showcased their masterpieces as the 108th Giant Lantern Festival was held at the Robinsons Starmills in Pampanga. This festival is the annual celebration of the City of San Fernando, that is why the city was tagged as the Christmas Capital of the Philippines.

The Giant Lantern Festival runs for a century and has become a symbol of hope and light to all Kapampangans who have survived strong typhoons and the erruption of the Mt. Pinatubo. All the people who went to said event where mesmerized with the display of lights dancing to the different up beat music and even Christmas Carols.

Parol makers were preparing for the whole year just to come up with these breath-taking masterpieces, that indeed captures the heart of not just all the Filipinos but the rest of the world.

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