Why German Companies Should Be Interested in the Philippines?

German Ambassador Thomas Ossowski shares his insights on what should European, particularly German Entrepreneurs do in preparation for the rising ASEAN Market. In an exclusive interview by Klipp TV, Ambassador Ossowski strongly recommends the Philippines and the rest of the Southeast Asian region, a market to keep an eye on.

“I think for every company in Europe, in Germany, which has also a global focus, not only on the European market, but also the global market, they should be at that stage very interested in the ASEAN market.”

Ossowski said.

With $2.6 trillion GDP in 2014, and an average growth of 6% to 7%, the region is significantly competitive for global market.

“Asian market is very diverse, but they are very strong consumption markets, so whenever it comes to consumption goods products, I think the region can be very interesting for European companies, German companies. Also all these countries proved to be good places for manufacturing and for services. Here in the Philippines, the Business Processing Outsourcing has found a very strong foundation, and also manufacturing we have a few german Companies which manufacture here in the Philippines.”

Ossowski said.

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