Exclusive: Coach Thomas Dooley Talks about the Philippine Azkals

On the previous episode of KlippTV with Coach Thomas Dooley, he talked about how his passion for football began, and we explore a little bit of the Football world.

On this second part of our interview with Mr. Dooley, we will get to know more his team members, the Philippine Azkals. We hear straight from Mr. Dooley, how are he and his team are training hard to work their rank to the top against all other national football teams around the world.

As of to date, Philippine Azkals is now ranked as the number one football team all over Southeast Asia displacing Thailand on the top spot, after winning a friendly game over Kyrgyzstan on September 6, 2016. The Philippine Azkals’ ranking is now number 17 for the whole Asia. Watch the video to know more about the Philippine National football “The Azkals.”

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