Homeowner Gets High-Quality Protection for Expensive Car Collection

A real-life cautionary tale unfolded in the midst of the pandemic. Mr. Anthony Quijano, a homeowner in Alabang, Metro Manila, Philippines was spending the quarantine in the middle of the Philippine Monsoon Season.

Mr. Quijano had not experienced flooding in their location before. But one unfortunate downpour in August, waters rose and floods entered his garage. 

One of the casualties, one of Mr. Quijano’s most beloved cars, a Mercedes-Benz E Series was damaged.

Mr. Quijano wasted no time and promptly looked for a solution to his flood problems.

He stumbled upon the Flood Control Asia RS. Checking the website and watching the videos convinced Mr. Quijano to contact the Flood Experts.

RS Flood Experts provided Mr. Quijano suitable flood solutions for his home. 

First, RS Engineers conducted a study of the area and how to secure it from flood. Technical plans were drawn.

RS Engineers found Mr. Quijano to be knowledgeable about the causes of flood in his home’s location.

The main choice was RS self-rising flood barrier but Mr. Quijano opted for an immediate solution. Ultimately decided on RS Demountable Flood Barriers due to quick installation.

Like many countries in Southeast Asia, The Philippines is quite flood-prone and very vulnerable to the worsening climate change.

The country averages 20 typhoons in a year. Urban areas in developing countries share a usual cause of flood namely congestion which leads to overwhelmed drains and waterways during heavy rains.

Now, La Nina warnings have been raised in the Philippines and approximately 5 more typhoons are expected before the end of the year.

But Mr. Quijano and his family can now rest assured that they are Certified Flood-Protected by German-quality Flood Control Technology.

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