Photography and Other Creative Alternatives

Impress your audience with your remarkable photographs, or make use of posters, flyers, pamphlets, and all sorts of print media through our services.

Like films, photos can capture the best moments of your life. And it goes for almost any event, especially for company or product promotion.

It is best if your photographs have an accompanying press release. With an appropriate press release, you just have to send your photos to any publisher and your story will surely be the talk of the town.

Aside from photographs, you can also try other creative alternatives that belong the larger umbrella of print ads. These are flyers, pamphlets, posters, and newsletters. Just tell us what you want to see in your ad, and we’ll give it an astounding design.

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Photos and Creative Alternatives like Print Ads can beef up your marketing strategy! Try this media package and prove for yourself that:

  1. Photographs are more effective marketers than simple “talkies” (traditional fliers and other print media). Take it as a proof: social media sites are plagued with millions of graphics, and photo sharing sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram have become mainstays of the popular culture.
  2. Promotional articles with photos have 94% more views than those presented with plain text, a study by Industrial Marketer says.
  3. Forbes Magazine says that some consumers are still attracted to printed ads than to digital ones. Websites are often skimmed swiftly, partly due to distractions lurking elsewhere on the Internet.

Photos and Creative Alternatives like Print Ads will complete your (currently) effective marketing strategy.

Photos and creative alternatives like print ads are just wonderful for you. When used strategically for marketing, you can surely achieve an unprecedented media mileage. To get the best out of photography and creative alternatives, it’s best to use them for:

Company Profile

create your company profile with klipp tv

In this highly competitive world, a well-crafted company profile is your “cutting edge”. Create your profile with us and enjoy these perks:

  1. Boost your company’s credibility.
  2. Establish your unique brand.
  3. Present your company in the most creative way.

Learn more about Company Profile.

Event Coverage

event coverage with klipp tv

Event coverages allow you to record your “own history”. Aside from a mere recording of your activities, event coverages will help you:

  1. Create an impressive and out-of-the-box portfolio.
  2. Provide clear assessment points for your previous events.
  3. Promote similar happenings in the future.

Learn more about Event Coverage.

Commercials and Promotional Videos

create product presentation and promotion with klipp tv

Commercials and promotional videos are excellent tools to flaunt your product and company out in the market. Such publicities can help you:

  1. Turn social media sites to your advantage with viral commercials.
  2. Widen your reach through commercials published on mainstream media outfits
  3. Be at par with big corporations that use commercials as a marketing tool.

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