Event Coverage

“Attract more guests and sponsors through an artistically crafted event film that serves as your million-dollar portfolio!”

Your event film is a documentation of your activities -- done with a great deal of creativity. Your event will be recorded in its three major phases: preparation (during the setting up of the venue and props), event proper (the program itself), and post-event (when people are leaving and you want to record their reaction). In short, event coverage entails an intricate process of storyboarding, filming, and interviews.

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Who knows, an Event Film might be your “one big leap” to the top! Try this media package and prove for yourself that:

  1. Your event film is the best marketing tool for similar events that will happen in the future.
  2. An even film provides you with clear assessment points about your previous activity.
  3. Event documentations can perfectly present your company in cases of quality certification (like TUV Rheinland).

No doubt, an Event Film suits you. Make it “perfect” by combining it with these media packages:

An excellent testimonial or an internal communication is an outcome of an elaborate media production. Thus, it works well with complementary media packages.

Commercials and Promotional Videos

create product presentation and promotion with klipp tv

Commercials and promotional videos are excellent tools to flaunt your product and company out in the market. Such publicities can help you:

  1. Turn social media sites to your advantage with viral commercials.
  2. Widen your reach through commercials published on mainstream media outfits
  3. Be at par with big corporations that use commercials as a marketing tool.

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Photography and Other Creative Alternatives

create your company profile with klipp tv

Impress your audience with your remarkable photographs. You can also have posters, flyers, pamphlets, and all sorts of print media through our services. These ads are time-tested and can help you:

  1. Explore traditional publicity techniques and blend them with the latest trends in advertising.
  2. Reach out to the market section that is still subscribing to print media.
  3. Entice more followers and patrons through high-quality images with relevant texts.

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Digital Art and Animation

create your company profile with klipp tv

Short of talents? You can have a perfect promotional video through animation. Without warm bodies acting on cam, you can still:

  1. Publish a highly entertaining promotional material.
  2. Make your advertisements ultra-versatile.
  3. Be creative without sacrificing your company image.

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