Digital Art and Animation

Short of film talents? Even without warm bodies acting on cam, you can still have a perfect promotional film through animation!

The marketing world is now becoming “dense” with propaganda. Your promotional tools should be powerful enough to magnetize the broad ranks of potential customers and partners.

From conventional caricatures to stop-motion films and 3D-animated commercials, you can take advantage of moving graphics (digital art) and use them to popularize your brand.

Animated advertisements are not limited to product endorsements. You can also use them for your company profiles, public advisories, and event promotions.

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An Animated Advertisement might be your “one big leap” to the top! Try this media package and prove for yourself that:

  1. Animated films are effective tools to create an online craze. Big animation companies like Pixar are now starting to release more short films that allow them to penetrate video sharing sites like YouTube. Likewise, Internet giants like Google, Twitter, and Facebook use animated films to promote their service upgrades.
  2. Animated films have an unparalleled entertaining factor. Even the blandest product can be spiced up with animated shorts!
  3. Animated films are relatively cheaper than “live films” where producers spend huge amounts in scouting talents and locations.

Animation will complete your effective marketing strategy.

Animated films can serve you in various ways, especially when used for marketing campaigns like:

Company Profile

create your company profile with klipp tv

In this highly competitive world, a well-crafted company profile is your “cutting edge”. Create your profile with us and enjoy these perks:

  1. Boost your company’s credibility.
  2. Establish your unique brand.
  3. Present your company in the most creative way.

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Commercials and Promotional Videos

create product presentation and promotion with klipp tv

Commercials and promotional videos are excellent tools to flaunt your product and company out in the market. Such publicities can help you:

  1. Turn social media sites to your advantage with viral commercials.
  2. Widen your reach through commercials published on mainstream media outfits
  3. Be at par with big corporations that use commercials as a marketing tool.

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Visual Effects through Green Screen Technology (Chroma Key)

green screen video with klipp tv

You can have a virtual world through chroma key, also known as “green screen”. With this innovation in film-making, you can:

  1. Solve financial and logistical issues without sacrificing your publicity.
  2. Break through the limits of traditional films and be as creative as you can.
  3. Be at par with major media outfits that use green screen technology in their productions.

Learn more about Green Screen Technology.