This Week’s Trending: ‘Bato’ as new BuCor chief, Pinoys not ready for federalism, and Google’s top searches for 2017

Date: December 16, 2017
Location: Philippines
Language: English
By: KLIPP tv

After serving as Philippine National Police chief since the start of Duterte’s administration, Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa has another challenge to take.

This time, Bato Dela Rosa will serve as the new director of Bureau of Corrections, more popularly known as BuCor.

The news was made public last Tuesday by President Duterte himself. Bato Dela Rosa will be fifty-six years old on January twenty-one; thus, forcing him to vacate his post since this is the mandatory retirement age for Filipino policemen.

Still on news about the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte, who has been peddling the idea of federalism, said that Filipinos are not yet ready to accept the said form of government.

During a party for the Malacañang press corps, Duterte said he thinks Filipinos are not ready for the federal type.

As for global news, Google has recently released the list of its top searches for 2017.

You’ll not be surprised that majority of the top searches are issues coming from the United States. In fact, Hurricane Irma is the most searched topic on Google, followed by Matt Lauer, whose alleged involvement in harassment cases made him the talk of the town.

The list of most searched topics includes the recent super eclipse witnessed in America and the monkey selfies where macaques took pictures of themselves.

Google also said that Internet surfers showed a lot of interest in how-to’s or articles that teach you how to do creative projects on your own.