Flood Barrier System Saved Village in Switzerland

Intensive rains on Glarus Süd, Switzerland triggered high water currents, nearly causing an overflow of the Diesbach River that could lead to flooding in residential areas.

The rapid rise of water carried away a lot of debris setting off some people to evacuate. Roads and rail links were temporarily closed due to the fear of flooding in the villages of Diesbach and Betschwanden.

According to Thomas Rageth, chief of staff of the community management organization, despite the strong currents from the stream, flood damages were prevented with the help of the rapid intervention of the emergency services. In addition to their aid is the flood protection concept using the RS Demountable Flood Barrier.

Flood-protected village using RS Flood Barriers along the Diesbach river in Glarüs Sud, Switzerland.

The RS Demountable Flood Barrier is a flood solution system offered in many countries all over the world. This includes Germany, France, Ireland, Switzerland in Europe; Canada, and the Caribbean in the Americas; Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines in Asia, and the United Kingdom.

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