Ph President Insinuate Possible Peace Talk with the Communist Rebels

President Rodrigo Duterte discusses the reestablishment of Peace Talks with the Communist Party of the Philippines during his visit in Surigao City on February 12 .

After a week of declaring the “all-out-war by the Philippine Government against New People’s Army (NPA), Duterte said,

“In due time this [peace talks standoff] will be resolved because this is not really about ideology … this is about the Filipino people.”

Several days ago after the president terminates the peace talks with CPP, Duterte promised to do his best to develop Mindanao for the people of both Luzon and Visayas who inhabited the land.

He also stated that he is not bothered with the communist or capitalist outlook as long as the interests of the filipino people comes first.

According to him, Mindanao is blessed with its natural resources. If he can induce the Moro Rebels and the communist to have peace, his vision for the said island can be attained.

He also mentioned about taking out the government from a peace agreement with the communist and calls the communist party a “terrorist group” after the government’s unilateral ceasefire declaration has been removed.

The president gave orders to the authorities to restrain all the communist leaders who were provisionally released by the government and were allowed to go abroad to voluntary return to the Philippines to join the peace talk.

On the other hand, the military’s declaration of an all-out war triggered the Reds’ to vow launching a strengthened armed resistance.

Several peacemakers including civil society groups and a couple of lawmakers from both the Senate and the House of Representatives have called for the continuation of the talks. However, the Malacañang hasn’t released an official response so far.

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