Philippines’ net inflow up by 52 percent surpassing the $1 Billion mark in 1st Quarter

Another proof is up to vouch for the undeniable and unstoppable growth of Philippines’ economic status. In a data posted by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) in the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), the Philippines transcended the 1 billion mark, invigorated by the astonishing economic performance in first quarter of 2016.

FDI is one of the best type of investment, considering its stability and its huge contribution on generating job opportunities. The FDI posted a net inflow of $1.293 billion for the first 3 months, up by 52.1% compared last year’s $850 million on the same period. For the month of March the net inflow gushed 59% to $364 million.The data’s of the net inflow determined that there are more investments that came than those that left.

From January to March, equity placements were positive at $676 million or about 54 percent compared to the 2015. As for BSP, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Bahamas and Taiwan were accounted most of the equity investments during the three-month period. Majority of the mass equity capital went to the financial and insurance,food and accommodation, real estate and manufacturing activities

BSP also said,

“the country’s sustained favorable economic performance as evidenced by 69 consecutive quarters of positive growth and growth prospects for the year ahead helped drive inflows.”

This releases just states that the country’s economy was indeed on it’s height. This also indicates that opportunities for both business sectors and employees are continuously growing, leading to a better Philippines in the near future.

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