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Pampanga placed 2nd as most peaceful province in the country

CITY of SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA — Thanks to the never ending efforts against illegal drugs and better communication between the Philippine National Police (PNP) and barangay captains, Pampanga is one of the most peaceful provinces in the country.

This was announced by the governor, Lilia Pineda, during the Punong Barangay Assembly on Community Peace and Order and Public Safety held recently at Kingsborough International Convention Center in the City of San Fernando. Pampanga is ranked two as most peaceful province, this according to the PNP’s assessment.

“The crime rate dropped, no rape and robbery cases, and the peace and order is good, thanks to our massive campaign against illegal drugs and the help of barangay captains,”   she said.

Another effort to keep Pampanga more peaceful, the governor has assigned the barangay captains to register all motorcycle owners in their barangays and keep a record. The measure is to stem the rise of riding-in-tandem criminals and motorcycles snatchers. The record will help the enforcers to identify the criminals.

This after President Rodrigo Duterte removed the PNP as the main operating force in the government’s campaign against illegal drugs. The PNP has reverted back its main duty of maintaining peace and order in the country.

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