How Long Filipinos Celebrate Christmas?

If you are wondering right now where would you find the most Christmas spirit in the world? It’s hard to say for certain, but if a global competition were to be held, the Philippines would have an excellent shot at winning.

The birth of the “Messiah” or Jesus is one the most celebrated event in the country. Approximately, Filipinos are 90% Christians and 80% of that Catholic. Christmas traditions and practices are embedded within hearts of the pinoys, that by the time that “BER” months take place, certainly the Filipinos would start to hear bells ringing, and definitely Christmas spirit can be felt everywhere.

Philippines is very much particular to the so called “BER” months (that starts on September, October, November, and December) wherein by the moment the calendar hits the Month of September, Filipinos automatically change modes to the sound of Christmas. Filipinos starts to update their playlist with Christmas melodies, design their homes with Christmas decors, streets were starting to be surrounded with oodles of vendors selling Christmas novelties and delicacies, children rehearsing for their Christmas carols, and people are getting excited for 9 day Christmas novena commonly known as “Misa de Gallo” (Simbang gabi”in Philippine vernacular) that starts on the 15th of December and will end on Christmas eve. These all because Philippines is the only country that celebrates 100 days of Christmas

To most Filipinos, Christmas is the most anticipated fiesta of the year and is celebrated accordingly. The splendid climate of this tropical island, the abundance and beauty of its nature, and lovely landscape, its multitude of culinary delights, and above all its warm-hearted people with their true devotion to family and faith all contribute to a holiday celebrated in the true Philippines fiesta tradition.

Klipp.TV will be joining the whole nation as together we celebrate hundred days of Christmas in the country. To commemorate this wonderful celebration, Klipp.TV launches its “100 days of Christmas ( A Filipino Christmas Celebration).” As a form of countdown, we will be featuring symbolisms, events, traditions, cultures, people, places, and other significant topics that has something to do with Christmas here in the Philippines for 100 days. Blogs, articles, surveys, opinions, videos, infographics, trivias, etc. about Christmas will be posted every day on this channel until Christmas day.

So Klippers come and join Klipp.TV as we journey the “100 days of Christmas” ( A Filipino Christmas Celebration)

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