Laguna amusement park partially reopens

Business establishments in Santa Rosa, Laguna partially reopened last Saturday (October 17, 2020) after 7 months of closure due to the coronavirus (CoVid-19) pandemic.

Several private resorts, heritage sites, and tourist hotspots in the province have been given the go signal by the local government despite the slow arrival of tourists.

Popular amusement park Enchanted Kingdom reopened its doors to at least 200 visitors in its open-area rides, mostly vloggers and media photographers from Manila.

The reopened theme park encourages those who plan to visit to have their tickets booked online, since local government restrictions only allow half of the park’s regular audience, only on weekends until the end of the year.

Meanwhile, operations chief officer of the Department of Tourism Marites Castro said people are still skeptical about the safety of travel during this time of crisis, causing a short number of visitors in the reopened tourist destination.

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