German Chancellor Wishes Success to Duterte and For a Lasting Peace in Mindanao

The German Chancellor, Forbes Magazine’s one of the most powerful women in the planet, and Time Magazine person of the year in 2015, Angela Merkel sent her gratitude towards the win of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte on recently held 2016 election.

On her greetings, she particularly expressed her desires for a lasting peace settlement in Mindanao. During Duterte’s presidential campaign, one of his main platforms that catches the attention of many is his goal of resolving the conflict in Mindanao and uphold the peace process between the government and the people of Mindanao.

“In particular, I wish you and your country, that the peace process in Mindanao may soon lead to a lasting peace settlement,”

Merkel said in a statement on Monday.

Merkel also mention about the relationship of Germany and the Philippines, that according to her is marked by friendship and trust, which are shared values between the two nations. She also said in her language

“this includes the belief that democracy, human rights, rule of law and economic growth that benefits all segments of the population to good, are essential for sustainable development.”

The Chancellor wished the incoming president all the success for his new duties and responsibilities as the highest government official of the Philippines.

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