Flood Control Asia RS Corp. launches Flood Protection project for PH Hospital

“It’s a great morning,” said Dr. Gerardo Legaspi in his opening speech during the grand launching of the Flood Protection project for the largest hospital in the country, the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). This initiative was made possible because of the grant given by the Federal Republic of Germany and Flood Control Asia RS Corp. (“RS”).

The event, titled “Protection of a Filipino COVID-19 Hospital against Flooding”, was participated by notable personalities, Dr. Andreas Klippe, President and CEO of RS; Ms. Ma. Fatima V. Usi, Executive Vice President and CFO of RS; Her Excellency Anke Reiffenstuel, German Ambassador to the Philippines; Cong. Cristal Bagatsing, Representative for the 5th district of Manila; and Dr. Gerardo Legaspi, Deputy Director of PGH.

Dr. Andreas Klippe presented the importance of flood proofing the hospital and other critical infrastructures in the country. PGH has a total of 1,500 bed capacity and caters to the health needs of 700,000 patients a year. The 113-year old hospital is also currently serving as a COVID-19 referral hospital. Given this, it is imperative that PGH has to be safe from floods so it can continue to operate even in the midst of calamities like typhoons. Dr. Klippe assured that the Flood Control Asia RS Corp. is ready to help.

“What if the COVID-19 hospital is flooded? Another incident or calamity may come or another incident may happen? We are here to help.”

This flood-protection project will set flood barriers to 14 entrances of the hospital. To ensure the accuracy of the installation, the engineering team of RS will provide the facility with a full engineering assessment with a detailed engineering plan. The project will commence on December 3, 2020 and is expected to run until April 30, 2020.

Meanwhile in her speech, Her Excellency Anke Reiffenstuel claimed that Germany has been a reliable partner of the Philippines for a long time. She also encouraged that everyone should be better prepared and ensure the hospital’s continuous operation. Her Excellency also expressed her hope that everyone could work together.

“We need to be better prepared… and we have to ensure that the hospital remains operational.”

Receiving the grant, Dr. Gerardo Legaspi remarked that the project is really a development because flooding in PGH is getting worse as Manila is getting lower than sea level. He also said that the front area of the PGH has always been flooded since the 1920s. Likewise, Congresswoman Cristal Bagatsing expressed her gratitude for the grant. She mentioned that Manila is not a stranger to flood control projects and that this action is what the city needs right now.

“It’s a development!… In the long run, we are able to battle other challenges!”

-Dr.Gerardo Legaspi

“We [Manila] is not a stranger to flood control projects. We very much need this right now.”

-Congresswoman Cristal Bagatsing

The event concluded with Ms. Ma. Fatima Usi encouraging everyone that there is a solution to flood problems.

“We cannot control the flood but we can protect the vital infrastructures.”

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