Rodrigo "Rody" Roa Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte formally opens the 31st ASEAN Summit

MANILA – As world leaders of the ASEAN member states and their dialogue partners nations converge to the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manila. President Duterte welcomed the leaders and deliver his remarks to formally open the summit.

In his speech, he cited the liberation of Marawi from the terrorist groups who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State (IS).

“Resolute, we are now in the process of helping people back on their feet to reclaim their lives. We thank our international partners for providing assistance in dealing with the situation in Marawi City,” President Duterte said to the leaders and delegates.

He emphasized the importance of the two days meetings on matters of regional and international issues like terrorism and violent extremism which would endanger the peace, stability and security of the whole region because these threats know no boundaries.

Piracy and armed robbery, put a dent on our growth and disrupt the stability of both regional and global commerce,” he further elaborated, “the menace of illegal drug trade continues to endanger the very fabric of our societies.These and other issues are high on the agenda of our meetings along with the other non-traditional security issues that challenge the prosperity of our economies, the integrity of our institutions, and more importantly, the safety of our people.”

Pres. Duterte also announced that ASEAN member states have come to an agreement on the ASEAN consensus on the protection and promotion of rights of migrant workers.

“I will be joining other ASEAN leaders tomorrow in signing this landmark document that would strengthen social protection, access to justice, humane and fair treatment, and access to health services for our people.”

“That can see the fruition include those concerning health, women and the youth, terrorism, radicalization and violent extremism, trafficking, poverty alleviation, food security, coastal and marine environment, and the pursuit of innovation for our economies, among others.”

He thanked all the member states and dialogue partners for moving the ASEAN community forward in enhancing cooperation in various areas and realizing the ASEAN vision this coming 2025.

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