DOH warns public vs. heat-related diseases this Lent

CLARK FREEPORT ZONE, PAMPANGA – The Department of Health issued an advisory reminding the public to take precautionary measures against heat exhaustion, heat stroke and other diseases associated with the summer heat, especially this Lenten season.

As families, locals, and tourists are expected to flock water establishments this vacation, the health department advised against the contraction of skin diseases in swimming pools.

Undersecretary Rolando Enrique Domingo said that the most common threats in public pools are skin diseases and sore eyes. He also urged the management of public pools to be extra vigilant on visitors who will display symptoms of skin diseases.

The public must also be wary of summer diseases such as sore eyes, chicken pox, measles, rabies, and dengue.

Aside from summer getaways, religious practices of penitents for the Holy Week such as self-flagellation and crucifixion must also be done with caution as it could cause tetanus or heat stroke. The health undersecretary suggested it is best to avoid these practices all together as it could lead to hazardous consequences.

Domingo said that even if the nails or whips that will be used have been sterilized, it is not a guarantee that they would not cause infection because of its exposure to different elements in the course of penitence.

For travelers, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III advised to bring first aid kits, medicines, and other necessities and to ensure one’s road safety during drives. Duque said,

“For those traveling during the Holy Week, it is best to bring first aid kits and medicines along with other necessities as a safety precaution. It is important to check the roadworthiness of the vehicle, avoid speeding, and make sure seatbelts are fastened or helmets and other protective gears are properly worn.”

Most importantly, the public is advised to always stay hydrated as the temperature continues to rise and avoid too many outdoor activities between 10 A.M to 3 P.M.

The country is expected to experience its hottest temperature in the month of May.


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