BPO industry continues to grow in Davao City

An international business process outsourcing (BPO) company in Davao City regarded the rapid growth in the BPO industry together with the expansion of their team and clientele.

Concentrix Site Director for Davao, Ellen Jane Ferenal- Garcia, said during a press conference Wednesday, February 2

“We’re already exploring, looking at other buildings because right now we have active communication with at least three clients from the USA who visited us and have actually shortlisted us to be part of those who might qualify to be their vendor. The decision is something we are waiting for for the next month or so”.

Concetrix Damosa branch in Lanang, has planned a facility with a 450 seating capacity ready to accommodate up to 900 agents.

Some of their clients are reportedly ending their contracts with BPO companies in Costa Rica and India, to shift to Davao, Philippines instead. Garcia also said that they have more than a thousand existing employees at the moment catering to major clients in various parts of the world especially in the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Concentrix, being one of the leading and pioneering BPO companies in the city of Davao, has been invited for business discussions with other establishments during the visit of Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe in Davao City.

Garcia expressed her gratitude on behalf of Concentrix being the only BPO company invited to the said event. She said that Japanese investors started to notice the growth and development of BPO industry in Davao.

“They never realized that we have such a big Japanese resource in Davao. If they hire a BPO in Japan, they actually spend more than hiring a Japanese-speaking agent based in Davao. So that has opened a lot of opportunities for us because they realized they can really do business outside of Japan and Davao is a very viable option because we have a very good resource. We have a very big pool of work force in Davao City,”

Garcia said.

As the City of Davao turns to be a sweet spot for BPO ventures and investments, the city in the south is ready to absorb the spillover of opportunities from the metropolis. Opening its doors to offer more employment to its people, and with the increasing demand for workforce, it is said that even high school graduates will be able to apply and get hired. Philippines ranked as the third country worldwide with best non- native English speakers in the world.

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