Baguio City

Baguio Rehab Kicks Off

BAGUIO CITY, PHILIPPINES — Residents were urged to prepare themselves for the city’s rehabilitation. Touted as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio is a major tourist destination which has been suffering from a growing population and congestion.

Rehabilitation will start with its sewer system which has been operating past capacity. The Baguio Sewer Treatment Plant (STP) which was finished in 1986 was designed to process 8500 cubic meters of sewerage, as it currently stands the STP processes 12,000 cubic meters.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong has repeatedly made the rehabilitation of the city a priority to prepare itself for the future. Magalong even went so far as asking for the support of President Rodrigo Duterte, who ordered similar rehabilitation programs on Boracay and Manila Bay.

Unlike Boracay which was shut down to tourists in 2018, Magalong reassures the public that no shutdown for Baguio will be necessary owing to its economic activity and as a gateway to North Luzon.

The first phase of the Baguio City rehab will also include the cleaning of the city’s rivers and waterways. Burnham Park and other tourist traps are slated to be rehabilitated next. Costs are estimated at P500 million coming from the local and national government. Magalong envisions Baguio as a walkable smart city with increased greenery. The mayor also has put a halt on construction of new homes and buildings, as well as a total prohibition of tree cutting.

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