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Undas Tips

All Souls’ and All Saints’ Day spans the first two days of November. Known in Filipino as Undas, it’s a time for visiting the graves of loved ones which usually end up as family reunions. Undas has consistently been one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the Philippines. Others take the opportunity to travel out of town for vacation. Wherever you are headed expect traffic, warm weather, and local stores to close down. Here are some tips and things to remember before leaving your home.

technician checking appliances

Unplug all electronics, appliances, and check toye gas stoves before leaving your house. Shutting off your main power breaker for double measure can also help.

Make sure all doors and windows are locked. Secure any openings that can be used as entryways to your house.

Pack and secure all food and drinks for your trip. Amihan may be coming in, but still expect high temperatures during the daytime. Keep everyone in your party hydrated.

Plan your itinerary. Undas spells traffic in major roads and streets close to cemeteries so plan your routes before you move out. Planning your trip can minimize wasted time sitting on your car.

Man maintaining and checking the car

Make sure your vehicle is road-worthy. Make a BLOWBAGETS checklist to make sure you get to your destination.

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