7 Fire Prevention Tips That You Should Always Keep in Mind

Are you already having uncontrollable sweats? Can you already feel the burning feels on your skin? Well that is fine because summer is approaching and the month of March is here!

Imagine going out without sunscreen, umbrella or any protection from the sun’s heat, you’d be ending up having sun burned skin.

Back in 1989
The month of March was declared the Burn Prevention Month by former president Corazon Aquino stating on Proclamation No. 360 “an intensified campaign on burn prevention is necessary to minimize sufferings brought about by burns.”

“March, being one of the hottest month in the country, make households prone to perilous fire incidents.”

Due to sensible high temperature, the odds of unexpected fire occurrence are greater compared to normal days wherein temperature is about normal.

What are the Common Causes Fire?
Faulty wirings, gas tanks left open, overheating appliances and unattended lighted candles are just a few of the risk factors that add up to the possibility of igniting fire among households.

To refrain yourselves from disasters caused by these circumstances, here are some safety practices on how to avoid such tragedy.

1. Unplug electrical appliances when not in use

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This may be one of the main accounts of fire accidents.

“Electrical appliances may overheat which makes the circuits melt and may ignite flame.”

Also, natural heat exposure around these belongings may help trigger fire specifically when these tools are poor on quality.

This may also help your electric bill from increasing, just a thought.

2. Keep volatile materials into safety

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Put your lighters, matchsticks or any kind of flammable materials away especially when there are children around your house. Keep them in one covered space that has low temperature to prevent it from lighting up or causing fire.

3. Be careful with combustible decorations

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Put these decorations away from materials that can be easily burned like curtains, wallpapers or other combustible decorations or appliances.

“Keeping your things, large or small, into its right position will be less of a hazard.”

4. Have your electrical installations maintained

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Check up on your electrical installations frequently or call a licensed electrician for the job. It is important to have assurance that everything about electricity is in constant condition.

5. Do not overload electrical circuits

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“Refrain overloading your outlets or outlet extensions!”

Plugging in several sockets into one outlet may also cause overheating or it could melt down the interior of the outlet itself.

When you happen to do this,
Keep track on the outlets’ condition. If you smell something burning, immediately unplug and check if there are burns or melt down, if so, withhold from using it or call an electrician to check on it for security.

6. Pay attention on your children’s toys

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There are toys that can be prone to burning like electrical or plug-in toys. For kids that are not aware of accidents, it is better to supervise them or simply keep them away from getting ahold of these kinds of toys.

I know for sure that putting your kid’s life at risk is not at the top of your priority list.

“So double check your kid’s playsets.”

7. Check your gas tanks regularly!

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Of course, this should always be a reminder.

Make “turning off your gas tank” a hobby so you can never forget this routine.

Anything could happen from a left-open gas tank therefore, turn it off right after cooking or leaving the house just to make sure it’s safe.

Always be vigilant…

Keeping a keen eye to the things that surrounds us won’t hurt anyone. Well, not unless you’re keenly minding your neighbor’s business– which makes you a gossip monger to be honest.

Kidding aside, “Accidents happen when least expected.”

So it’s better to extend precautionary measures, and be extra careful not just for our personal belongings, but also for the lives of the people around us.

Do you agree or do you have other ideas on how to prevent fire incidents? Just leave your comments below. Have a safe day!

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